New Art! Old Cable!

Posted on Mon 22 August 2005 in general

I've had today off as holiday, ostensibly to recover from the weekend*, but also to catch up on a number things. Apart from boring life administration** I also picked up my first commissioned piece of art. The 3 panel format was inspired by Glyn's Bosch picture. I'm holding off hanging it for the time being until Andy gets back and I can try a few positions. The advantage the commissioning approach is you get input into how the piece turns out. Ros was very good, sending me preliminary sketches and asking all sorts of questions as to what I wanted. Its also nice to support an artist in their work directly. I must say I'm very pleased with how it turned out. If anyone wants me to put them in touch with Ros I would be happy to do so.

In other news I spent a bit more time trying to track down the network issues I've been having (and also play with git). I'm pretty sure both the 8139too and forecdeth drivers have bugs which mean they don't handle the failure gracefully. However having gone and un-looped the cable to the router and straitened it out a bit things seem to be a lot more stable. I suspect the cable is just damn noisy making it hard for the Phy's to compensate. This makes sorting the cabling out properly before Andy moves into Karen's old room a bit more urgent. I don't think going through the corner of the door did the current cable many favours.

* Not much recovery required, surprisingly
** The number of conversations about pensions and DIY I've had with my friends recently is getting concerning.