Here comes the music

Posted on Fri 26 August 2005 in general

I'm off to Leeds festival this evening for a weekend of musical frolics. I'm doing my best to catch Marilyn Mason, although I'm not a massive fan I'm told he does a very good live show. He's being followed up by Iron Maiden which should prove a bit of a nostalgia trip (although it does mean missing Echo and the Bunnymen). Tomorrow Goldie Lookin' Chain are playing who I constantly miss at festivals so I'll try and track them down. The nights headline is the Pixies whom I'm told are the best Indie band eva! I'm not sure if it will be considered heresy to sneak of to see Ladytron which has come round a fair bit on the jukebox at work, peeking my curiosity. I figure Sunday will be more wondering around although there are people at the office that will not forgive me if I don't make and effort to catch the Foo Fighters. I'm also tempted by Razorlight.

We shall see how it compares to last year when I only did one day. I'm not camping thanks to getting Jo insured on my car. Should be nice to get to the festival fresh and clean everyday :-)