Relative Weddings

Posted on Wed 07 September 2005 by alex in general

This weekend has been one of family and friends. The events gave me cause to reflect on how lucky I am.

First up was Jeff and Phil's wedding bash on Saturday. The location was in the heart of the rural idyll that suites Phillipa so well. The ceremony itself was quite short (which I appreciated) with the rest of the day given over to the less solum activities. Jeff seemed pretty resigned to his fate, especially after the 3 or so whiskeys he had by the time of the vows ;-) Phillipa of course looked stunning and seemed to have developed a perma-grin. Daz acquitted himself well as the best man and now joins me in the ranks of seasoned best men. The disco covered a wide range of music from classic clubbing anthems to the obligatory cheese. I was under the impression the kids were impressed with our dancing until I found out the next day they where deliberately copying the most ridiculous dancer.

As a result of the double booking I wasn't able to attend my cousins wedding but I did travel up to catch up with the family the next day. It was cool to catch up with some of my extended family who I don't get to see that often (most of them being based down in London). I really should make more effort to visit London so I can see them. My aunt Claudia (a most excellent host) did a very good job of persuading me to stay and enjoy the remainder of the wine from the wedding. I finally crashed having watched a country storm and ended up driving home on Monday before rushing into work.