For One Night Only

Posted on Sun 11 September 2005 in general

I'm glad I didn't head down to Maelstrom on Friday night. I would of been trying to put my tent up in the dark during torrential rain before drinking a pint and collapsing in bed tired from a day of decorating.

As it happened I got up a denial AM* and drove straight down to London. I had my tent set up by 11 when happily I bumped into the rest of my group and a visit to the bar ensued. I made a load of money without really trying that hard and generally frittered the day away drinking and hanging out round the group IC tent. Plot happened, I got hacked down in a fight and enjoyed myself enormously rabble rousing. I kept going until about 3 in the morning - practically a record for me at a LRP festival seeing as I usually crash by 12.

All in all the weekend was a little truncated but I made up for it by really throwing myself into enjoying Saturday. It was expensive though as I didn't car share I must of burnt around ?50 of petrol for around 16 hours of LRP. Of course I could have probably saved a bit more if I didn't drive so fast but its a very long journey otherwise.

*denial AM being defined as 6.45 on a Saturday!