LJ Interests Meme

Posted on Tue 20 September 2005 in general

Via wibblefish, based on my stated interests on LJ.

  1. bandwidth: Ever since I got onto the broadband teat I've found it hard to wean off. Certainly for someone who develops FOSS its a boon, but it has many many other advantages.
  2. books: Ever since my Mum put in the groundwork to get me out of the remedial reading class in primary school my reading just took off. I love reading books and have recently inherited an entire library of Sci-Fi and Fantasy I'm slowly working my way through.
  3. cool stuff: Well cool stuff is cool. Thats enough right?
  4. fantasy: My interest in fantasy books probably started with reading the Narnia Chronicals. Throw in some Tolkien and a load of D&D when I was younger is enough to generate a life long interest in the genre.
  5. linux: When I started playing with computers it was with systems I could tinker with and try stuff. I cut my teeth writing code that played directly with the hardware of my ST to make pretty demos. The day I got my PC I realised the machine is not tinker-able by default. When I discovered linux (sometime in 1999 IIRC) I found the joy of having something I could play with again. I've since gone from a neophyte struggling to upgrade libc->glibc on a spare box to running Linux (and other FOSS) full time at home and work.
  6. manchester: I came to Uni here and fell in love with the place. It has so much to offer that London can only add crowding, rude people and high prices.
  7. music: I have practically no musical talent (unlike others in my family) but I have long fostered a massive appreciation of music in all its forms. I listen to music every day of many different genre's.
  8. open source: See linux. In the old demo days I used to crack the protections on other peoples demos to figure out how they where achieving their effects. Now I'm practically 100% open source if I want to know how a particular program works I can just look at the source code. I've submitted fixes and functionality to loads of programs I use, most of the time they are accepted.
  9. photography: I like taking pictures. I'm quite proud of some of them but I admit I rely more on the take loads of pictures approach and I occasionally get lucky.
  10. programming: Its a great intellectual exercise. It why I do the job I do, because I enjoy the work.

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