When I were a lad

Posted on Sun 25 September 2005 in general

Went to a house warming party last night in the depths of Lancashire. I had a good time (from what I remember) talking geek and doing the tour with an eye to DIY details. I seem to recall balancing some coins on the shelves at one point to check if they where level. Round about 12.30 the party seemed to be winding down - the excuse being they started at the beer festival around 12. Apparently I then proceeded to berate the youth of today for having no stamina before wandering to the next room and passing out in one of the chairs. I think they only managed another half hour or so. I then slept on the floor for a few hours (the only space left) before finally giving in and getting up. The whole thing reminded me of the Newville parties of old, only the house was a lot cleaner ;-)