Replacement Activity

Posted on Tue 27 September 2005 in general

As I couldn't partake in Badminton last night I found myself with a bit of spare time on my hands. I took the opportunity to catch up with some of the rental DVD's that have spent their time waiting by my TV as viewing time has been taken up by a combination of BSG, Lost and Spooks.

I watched Twin Town which was enjoyable but not stellar. The plot takes a while to get going and although suitably dark once it does still drags a little. The dialog was good in places and slightly non-sensical in others. It has however put me off visiting Swansea.

After the movie I only had a small occasion to berate a housemate before I headed to bed. This gave me a chance to finish the last few chapters of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. I have to say after the relative disappointment of Order of the Phoenix Ms Rowling is back on form. I'm looking forward to last book when it eventually emerges.

Of course none of this activity was a replacement for the exercise I should of got last night playing badminton. Thats why I managed to drag myself out of bed this morning for a run around the park. Hopefully I can return to running form quickly enough for the few extra pounds gained over the last few weeks to drop off again.