Sweet choice

Posted on Fri 30 September 2005 in general

A large box of sugar has just arrived in the office from A Quarter Of today. Combined with the reinstatement of Friday doughnuts I predict an office of hyper-active engineer.

Due to some prompting from other people I have decided it really is time a change my bank account to something more suited to purpose. Front-runner at the moment is Smile who in addition to being more competitive than Barclays* offer a nice simple web interface with ISA built in. They are also owned by the Co-Op and generally more ethical than the other banks which salves my social conscience a little. However to do this properly I should get one of the Sunday tomes and do a proper comparison to make sure I'm getting a good rate (even if its not the absolute best). What Sunday paper would do people recommend for their finance section?

*This is an assumption. It is actually very hard to get a interest rate figure out of the Barclays website. I'm assuming this is for a reason.