Broken, part 2

Posted on Sun 09 October 2005 in general

I attended Sarah's Dim Sum party last night. My duplicitously packaged Dim Sum from the Chinese Supermarket in town was spotted quite quickly so I didn't have to carry the guilt with me too long. I spent the rest of the night enjoying the conversation including chatting about the availability of the original (i.e. un-blinged) Star Wars in a decent state. My VHS copy from the ITV network premier is getting a little worn given its almost 20 years old. Apparently there was a version released on LaserDisc before Lucas got to cgi happy. I shall have to see if I can find a copy somewhere.

I didn't last that long as I was still quite tired from the previous evenings entertainment. I think I crashed out before 1. Luckily I was able to snipe the spare bed (with apologies to James, whoever he was). So time for a shower and a cup of tea and I'll get ready for today's party. I may not drink today....