Media Frenzy

Posted on Tue 11 October 2005 in general

I watched A Very Social Secretary which was part of the More4 launch last night. I still remember when the current lot claimed to be "whiter than white" and it did provide a nice potted history of Labour Scandals since they got in.

For the record I have no issue with who a minister may or may not be having an affair with (well I do if they start moralising at the masses: cf Back to Basics). However its all the other little (and not so little) abuses of power that get me annoyed. I always found it hard to understand how a blow-job almost bought down a President.

While on the subject of media I should also mention Alan Bennett's "Untold Stories" is currently the Book of the Week. I love his ironic comedic style which is well complimented by his delivery in his rolling Yorkshire accent.

I should also mention (quite appropriately) catching this last night driving to the Trafford Centre to get my eyes poked. I shall have to see if I can catch the rest of them over the week.