Them Bones, Them Bones, Them Old Bones

Posted on Fri 14 October 2005 in general

I'm feeling a little achy today after Yoga last night. I keep missing the odd week and my exercise regime has been sporadic to say the best. This week has been the most I've done in a while. I'm going to make more of an effort to keep it regular so I don't have to deal with my body re-adjusting every few weeks. TJ gave me my birthday present last night which was a very cool little solar panel gizmo. It is definitely a geek toy as it has a bunch of different connectors including crocodile clips for all your power needs. I can see it being most useful for re-charging my phone at festivals :-)

Today our manager offered free food and beer for the next month or so. This display of generosity wasn't entirely altruistic though. We are entering the lead up to our first beta release so its now all hands to the pump. He mentioned what sort of incentives we would like and I've been giving it a little thought. At the end of the day I get paid pretty well for what I do and I'm not actually mad keen on sacrificing all my time for a few hundred extra quid at the end of the year. One problem with the VPN access I have at home is its quite hard to head upstairs when you get home and lock yourself in the study and get decent code done. However there are plenty of things I can push through in the evening while chilling downstairs catching up on TV and housemates. What I miss from the last job is having a laptop so I think I shall see if he goes for that.