Bad Men

Posted on Wed 19 October 2005 in general

Mark is a bad man. Combined with Lee the two make a positively corrupting duo. Today I had possibly my longest lunch ever having left the office at 12.30 for my Badminton session with Lucy. I veered off course returning to the office to grab some lunch* at the Rain Bar with the two aforementioned reprobates. I eventually got back to the office just before 3. As I left at the comparatively early time of 6.30 last night to watch Wallace & Gromit and I'm off more or less on time today for the Wednesday Meal the pile of work looks loomingly large considering the circumstances. I think this means I shall have to skip Yoga tomorrow (which involves leaving just after 6 to get to Altrincham in time). So with this in mind I must go for a run tomorrow morning.

*A pint of beer may of been involved