Gods own country

Posted on Sun 23 October 2005 in general

Today has been a nice day of walking in the Yorkshire Dales with the folks and family friends. One thing I miss living in the city is the ability to walk 10 miles and see no other people (although a lot more sheep). The weather wasn?t perfect but certainly manageable. I appreciated the couple of pints in the Sam Smiths pub at the end. I think my Dad got the chance to savour a round costing under a fiver ;-)

The evening was rounded off with a nice meal in the centre of York. Apparently I committed a social faux pas by declining the chance of dessert at the restaurant by mentioning we had remembered we had a nice home made apple pie at home left over from the previous night. Once we got home the text messages started flying as we welcomed baby Niahm into the world (Mufi won the sweepstake by the way). The final few hours of the evening have been spent fixing an errant IE (by way of Firefox) and refreshing myself on the rules of bridge. Anyone want to partner up for a rubber?