Just another manic Week

Posted on Thu 27 October 2005 in general

I'm down on my exercise quota for the week. I had planned on running on Tuesday but found the bed too warm. i was going to be playing Badminton yesterday but it got cancelled at the last minute. I could go to Yoga today but the company is having a 5th Birthday party this evening. That and I've been developing a cough over the last few days.

Work in the meantime has been quite intense. I've been shuffling between 4-5 worlds (different streams of work) all week. This is not the best way to work as my brain is constantly context switching between different problems and I far prefer to hack solidly for a few hours on one problem. However interruptions have pretty much been wiping out my mornings and then the long compiles and run-times leave me either twiddling my fingers or looking at another world (flushing the brain cache so to speak). I'm going to have to learn to start saying no to some of the people that turn up to my desk today.