Free Beer: Re-dux

Posted on Fri 28 October 2005 in general

The companies 5th Birthday party was a relatively quiet affair involving free food (which I didn't eat much off having stuffed myself at lunch with Paula, Lee et all). However the 3 crates of Stella lasted about 1.5 hours which may of explained the pictures of me playing twister. There was Boddingtons as well but I didn't really drinking a pale imitation of beer from a can (larger to its credit tends to taste the same from a can or pump).

At some point there was a desire expressed to leave the office and head to somewhere hipper. We ended up in Pure Space before heading down to the club underneath (scene of the lost number incident). I'm starting to quite like this club. Despite being quite hot and sweaty I had a great time dancing around like a loon to a whole bunch of classic student tunes (i.e. from when I was a student!). This has affected me slightly today as I got to bed at around 3 this morning. Thank god for flexible working hours, although the progress meeting this morning was a bit of a drag. Early night for me tonight I expect.