I had to pinch myself

Posted on Sat 29 October 2005 in general

I caught up with Sheila last night for a few after work drinks. I met a bunch of her work/TKD friends including a lass by the name of Clare. Turns out she is a software engineer which was nice. For some reason my industry has a deficit of female software engineers. We chatted for a bit and it transpired she was a bit of a command line fan as well. We started really geeking out at this point and discussing editors at it turns out she was an Emacs user as well (in *nix world your generally a fan of vi or EMACS). We didn't spend all our time discussing computer geekery, we did spend a little time talking about make-up and latex. It turns out she also likes wearing "provocative" rubber dresses - although like me in the "not a goth" category. I think I shall ask Sheila to see if she wants to come along to the next Ara. That's assuming I've not just recollected a dream ;-)