Nipples and Chilli

Posted on Mon 31 October 2005 in general

Saturday I managed the small piece of DIY by finally painting over the hideous brown of the central ceiling rose in my front room. Unfortunately as around 3 coats of paint where needed I didn't get the new lights up that night being late as I was for Lucy's Halloween party.

I went for the zombie look again although this time as a dead gangster. I was quite pleased with the gunshot effect which I achieved with a Brule lighter and a plumbers mat. In hindsight I should of checked the positions of the bullet holes more carefully. The top right shot was inconveniently positioned near by right nipple. The fake skin (basically liquid latex) did a very good job of bonding with my chest hair which made removing the shirt when I got home an interesting experience. Still it was an entertaining evening where I got to meet some new people, dicuss film and stuff my face with Lucy's very nice party food.

I left around one in the morning pleading tiredness and walked back home in full Zombie get-up. Although somehow I ended watching the final episode of season one of Lost with Andy. Still I feel as though I ended up in better shape than had I followed Lee onto Chris P's party which only started at 10.

Despite the eventual late hour of getting to sleep I was woken at 9.30 by a phone call from Lee pleading that I "achieved something" with my day on account of his impending in-ability to achieve anything of note for the rest of the day. This did re-assure me I'd made the right choice the previous night as I already had some plans for the day.

After I finished putting up the light fitting I did a quick run to Asda (which for some reason has been uber-busy the last two days) to pick up food for the afternoon. I was starting to get worried I wouldn't get everything ready in time for when my friends from work arrived at 3 when I realised I magically gained an extra hour. Once the chilli was in the oven I able to relax into an afternoon of DVD entertainment.

We watched the pilot episode of Firefly (in a blatant attempt at fan generation) before settling down to Closer. I really enjoyed the film despite the fact the plot didn't really go anywhere. Even though the majority of the scenes where depressing (the film mainly concentrates on the break-ups) I still found the dialog and acting very good. Some of the lines where also wickedly funny - especially the chat room scene.

After my guests had departed having had a nice relaxing evening Andy and I continued to sate our Lost habit with the first 3 episodes of season 2 back-to-back. I'm a little concerned what we are going to do once we catch up with the US and have to wait 3 weeks between episodes. I'm already eagerly anticipating Battlestar Galactica which doesn't restart until January!