All Work, Little Play

Posted on Wed 02 November 2005 in general

The last two evenings have been mainly filled with work. I left the office at 22.40 on Monday and had some very poor sleep - I couldn't stop dreaming of the re-compile/test cycle. It can get very annoying dreaming about code sometimes, especially when your dreaming version of the codes layout is wrong and you know it.

Yesterday I didn't stay so late and left by 21.00 followed by a few beers at the work local (logic being it would help idle-cycling the brain). When I got back me and Anne educated Andy in a few techniques for identifying processed food. I have a felling I followed up with a little rant on what cleaning a toilet actually entails. Still we did stay up for a bit discussing the original Star Wars (with it on!). I hope Andy isn't feeling too put upon.

Today I had good session of Badminton with Lucy. Two of the games where quite close (went to tie-breakers) and I certainly feel as though I got some exercise out of it. A good job too as I'm probably going to miss Yoga again tomorrow :-(