Burn Him!

Posted on Mon 07 November 2005 in general

I'm feeling a lot better and cheerier today. I think the cordite and fumes have done my lungs a world of good and helped clear up my recent stuffiness. Anne does however seem to crashed with some (possibly un-related) lurgy.

Friday night proved to a repeat of the usual Friday night post works drinks with a couple of minor variations. I didn't leave the office until around half eight (although in its favour this did mean I'd actually eaten something before starting down the path of drinking). I did moderate to degree being one of the few patrons of a drinking establishment to ask for some hot water for my Lemsip. Overall probably a no-score draw in terms of getting better.

I didn't really achieve that much on Saturday apart from starting on the slowly growing pile of paper work. About the only thing I managed was paying the guy that fixed my roof. There is a pile of stuff now sat by my PC awaiting the next time I get home on time.

I made to decision to stay sober for the annual dangerous fireworks party and headed to Knutsford to celebrate the failed terrorist. Marcus and myself appointed ourselves launch marshals for the event and set to work preparing to almost - but not quite blow ourselves up. The first order of business was ensuring we had a launch pit that would meet at least some of the requirements of the firework safety guide (25 meter range being the other rather difficult to achieve one). After digging up a considerable tract of Mufi's lawn we proceeded with the main event.

The display went down quite well although I think the number of large fireworks has gone done a little compared to 2 years ago. There where only a few lessons learned. Yet again I failed to appreciate the sticks on the rockets did more than provide a tube docking system. Still no one died so thats the important thing ;-)

Sunday was pretty much a wash out. Although intending to be in town for 3pm the household was delayed considerably by watching Starsky & Hutch which despite some of the comments I've heard from others I still enjoyed. I guess it comes down to if you don't mind one of the shows from your youth being totally played for laughs.

I wandered into town to catch up on a few "chase the winter blues away" drinks with a bunch of the "goth" crowd in Sinclairs. I decided to pass on the food and popped into the office to see if I could improve on the situation from Friday although I got nicely sidetracked chatting to Jo online instead. After a quick pass-through Via Fossa on the way home I eventually got home after a nice relaxing evening.

So all in all an entertaining weekend. It would of been better if I wasn't so lurgified. However I think I'm all set for this week now :-)