It makes me so angry...

Posted on Wed 09 November 2005 in general

..waking up this morning listening to government ministers accusing the opposition of short term political opportunism on the run up to the vote on the new terror laws. The central argument seemed to be because the police said they had to have the extended detention times you were anti-country by opposing the proposals. I got even more annoyed when they start trotting out the "if you knew what we knew line" about the current threat levels. It seems people haven't learnt about spin from this government over the whole WMD debacle. Apparently we are meant to be a changed country since the July 7th attacks. I'm not sure why, after all the IRA were quite capable of inflicting casualties during their campaign. The current lot may have different motivation but the end effect is the same. This shouldn't be an excuse to throw out a whole bunch of fundamental rights. We shouldn't forget that detention without trial is one of the chief tools used by repressive regimes to intimidate and harass their detractors.