Music be the food of drunks

Posted on Sat 12 November 2005 in general

Well day two of the Beer festival went well after I we were joined by Mark and co. I only spent ?15 on getting Bohemian Rhapsody on the charity request list (someone had paid ?10 to get it off just as we where getting into our full operatic roar). There was other cheesy rock as well as a repeat rendition of Chesney Hawkes' "I am the one and only". Apparently there was an extra 15 barrels of beer compared to last year yet they still managed to run out of glasses and beer by the end of Friday night. It wasn't us, honest.

We retired to the Student Union bar, continued to sing at the top of our lungs before retreating to the Retro bar. They had a really cool jukebox which had a selection of 2 million tracks (I assume it downloads them on demand). Given our already inebriated state we monopolised the juke box dredging up tracks from "Highway to Hell" (Hayseed Dixie version) to "Thunderchild" from Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds. There may of been singing - but to be honest it starts to get hazy from that point.