Plays, Pies and Parenthood

Posted on Mon 14 November 2005 in general

I was collared by the market research people on the way back from a lunch with Jo this lunchtime. Apparently I looked like someone who could have been a parent. Obviously the weekend has taken more toll that I thought!

Saturday night saw me heading down to see TJ's performance in "One For the Road". I really enjoyed the play. Aside from the excellent script there was more humour in enjoying TJ's delivering admonishments for people being late during the play. Unfortunately I missed Andy's party as I returned back to TJ's to enjoy champaign with the thespians.

Sunday was very laid back as I joined Aidan and Gillian in town for a few drinks. I was a little shocked that there were so few poppy's on display considering it was Remembrance Sunday although the ratio was substantially improved in the pubs which had a lot of the people in for their post-ceremony drinks.

I returned home to be fed by Anne's cottage pie (in a bid to use up some of the mountain of mince Andy got for the party). I reciprocated with another attempt at Apple Pie. I followed the same Ms Beaton recipe but added a little water during the mixing stage. The resulting mixture proved a lot easier to work. I'm unsure about the brushing cold water on the crust bit though. On other pies I've always gotten a better result with milk or a bit of beaten egg. I'll have to try that next time.