Two for the Blogs

Posted on Wed 16 November 2005 in general

As I'm catching up with the news between compiles I noticed two stories that I was first aware of through the Blogsphere. The first was a follow up to something I've mentioned before. It seems that Sony are recalling their XCP copy protection discs. The second was regarding the use of White Phosphorus in Iraq.

While in both cases I'm sure the respective spin machines are revving up as we speak I have little doubt that blogs have played a major part in the stories. The fact motivated individuals can do some research and make their findings universally available has to be a good thing. Some people point to the dangers of online repeating lible (one of the first 'net cases I was aware of was a libel case). However they miss the point. If a journalist takes the supposition of a random blog at face value they aren't doing their job. However if lots of people a linking (and more importantly discussing and commenting) to a blog story then it points to something the traditional media should at least investigate. And in that regard I think that is a good thing. Thats why I support the EFF's latest campaign.

Support Bloggers' Rights! Support Bloggers' Rights!