As with everything, context.

Posted on Tue 22 November 2005 in geek

Watched the "Taming of the Shrew" last night. Its a tricky one to set in a modern context as the plot basically revolves around the male protagonist deciding to tame his prospective partner by being really nasty to her until she submits to his will and becomes the good obedient wife. The un-reality of the situation is expanded on by the short whirlwind romance and the cringing wedding scene. I guess the grotesqueness of the situation is part of the "comedy". The ending was a little more nuanced trying to make the point that a successful marriage takes compromise from both sides to transcend the little things. I would be interested in knowing how the feminists found the adaptation.

I still haven't shaken of this cold. I think I'm just not giving my body enough time to just relax and chill and get better. Its not helped by being quite busy at work as well as socially. I'm booked up Wednesday (Prodigy) , Friday (Ara) and triple booked on Saturday (Halle and 2 parties)! If I'm still feeling crap later this week I'll probably have to dump a bunch of stuff to get some early nights.