Posted on Thu 24 November 2005 by alex in general

Last night I went to see The Prodigy for the first time. Executive summary: danced like a loon, shame it was a school night.

We got inside the MEN arena just as Audio Bully's were finishing their set with the remix of the Nancy Sinatra's "Bang Bang". Suitable to the audience although I still much prefer the original. A couple of DJ's followed on who again did well working the audience up with some nice dance/rock mash-ups although they could of done with working on their technique a little. However it was all good, by the time they finished the crowd were well up for it.

Once the Prodigy came on they basically kicked off and didn't stop save for the little break between end of main set and encore. They had the crowd dancing from the get-go and basically wouldn't let them sit down and passively enjoy the show.

Throughout the show they kept teasing the crowd with snippets from known crowd pleasers and then going straight into different songs. I didn't actually recognise that much during the first half of the act although it didn't really matter that much. Once I'd pushed further into the crowd I just kept dancing.

Special commendations should go to the VJ who did a great job doing real-time mixing of live and delayed feeds on the large screens. It made a nice change from either pre-recorded video feeds or a boring repeat of what was on the stage.

For the encore they went particularly old-school playing "Charly" and "Out of Space" which I remember from my student days. Fantastic stuff.

It was one of the best gigs I've been to this year - the Prodigy are certainly know about showmanship . I would defiantly recommend any dance fans to go next time the get a chance. I shall probably go along next time they are in Manchester.