This is my Wife

Posted on Mon 28 November 2005 in general

The title is either cold induced miss-spelling or the postal spam from DFS addressed to myself and the wife I never knew I had.

The traditional Friday night jaunt was cut short by a desire to get home at a sensible time so I could have a lie in and recover. I did however briefly pop into Ara to say hi and catch up with a few people. Luckily I hadn't quite gotten to bed when I received a call from Lee at 1.30 in the morning to chastise me for leaving so early.

Much as I tried to have a lie in I was still awake by 9.30 although it still took a good 5 hours before I got out of the house. I did get round to purchasing the bits I needed from B&Q (briefly considering getting a decent volt meter before deciding to wait). The fitting of said stuff is waiting for a time when I feel a little more balanced.

Saturday night had originally gotten 3 activities planned which I was going to partake of sequentially. As it happened I only managed the concert. I decided to pass on the other two so I could attempt to get some rest to get over this damn cold.

The concert at the Bridgewater Hall was very good. It was the Hall? playing a selection of Oscar winning music from the movies. I really enjoy classical music as there is not much to beat a full orchestra in proper concert hall for richness of sound. I'm very lucky to have somewhere like Bridgewater Hall on my doorstep, I really should take more advantage of it.

Sunday was a "nothing much" day although I did watch Dodge Ball which I had avoided because the trailer looked juvenile. It turns out in this case the trailer didn't do the movie justice because it was really funny. We also watched Vanilla Sky which was nice if a little "huh?".

I now intend to follow the rest of this week following my Mum's advice (Mum's usually knowing best in these cases) of "Don't work too hard, eat healthy and early nights".