Just something I threw together

Posted on Sun 04 December 2005 in general

Friday I popped over to a charity gig to see Helen play in her band. I seem to have finally acquired a taste for Guinness* which is odd. I think the first alcohol my parents ever bought me was a bottle of Guinness for one of my teenage birthdays. It may of been a ploy to put me off the taste of ale, a hurdle I finally seem to have overcome.

On Saturday Mufi and I braved the town centre shopping. I did quite well having managed to sort out both Secret Santa targets and one of my house mates. I still have my Mum and Brother to do - oh and actually order the rest, but its the choosing stuff thats the hard bit. I also got a new winter coat which seems to have been approved of by the style police.

Half way through shopping we got a call from Chris who was wondering if anything was up. After considering the cinema I offered up my place to slob around in. In the end I had 8 visitors (Mufi, Chris/Paula, Sue, Aidan/Gillian, Jo/Arwel) round while I whipped up a Beef Goulash (slightly modified) and my third ever Apple Pie. It all seemed to go well. The 7 bottles of red wine, bottle of champagne and half a bottle of Talisker seems to be a testament to everyone having had fun. I do enjoy entertaining :-D

* has to be said I went for Guinness because there was no decent beer