30 second catch up

Posted on Fri 09 December 2005 in general

Its not that anything hasn't been happened, its more that I've been very busy and less inclined to write up the day when I get home.

Work has been racing towards getting to a feature complete status for Friday. Feature complete meaning getting the chunk of work I'm working on stable and ready for inclusion. Unfortunately while moving across from the other development branch has gone better than expected it has exposed a few bugs in the underlying code. The debugging has been frustrating especially as I'm currently working with other people and getting regressions in my own development branch that I have to fix-up before I continue. This week has been unusual as I lost my temper with one colleague in the office and I've also been sparing with another geek over email. I'd of probably let the second thing go if I hadn't been accused of trying to slip in some changes under the radar. Hopefully things will be sorted once we deliver just before the Christmas holidays. I'm really looking forward to the break!

There has been some recompense this week as I went to the works Christmas do last night. Much hilarity ensued with various silly charades and a very nice air-soft rocker launcher as a Secret Santa gift. Plenty of dancing to the cheesy DJ as well before heading over to Sub Space for professionally DJ'ed cheesy 80's. As per usual I threw a lot of shapes to the Church of Dance.

I was slightly broken this morning as I only got to bed around 4.15 this morning. My nice fancy shoes are actually proving to be a little hard on the feet for wearing all day as well. Still I had fun which is the main thing :-)