Posted on Tue 20 December 2005 in general

So the last 4 days have been loaded with loafage. I was intending to spend a large portion of my time playing GTA but instead have been quite busy seeing people.

Saturday involved getting up before being fed pre-Christmas dinner until I nearly exploded. It was nice to see Katy and Chris who I don't see that often. After being suitably loaded on carbs I headed into town to meet up with the horde who had co-opted the top of Sinclairs. I even got chauffeured to Radcliffe and back to say hi to Bu and Mel and the special secret guests!

Sunday I caught up with Chris Peet as we explored the Sunday drinking opportunities. Re-discovered Bar Fringe (more on that later) before heading back to watch the tail end of Andy's Mighty Boosh DVD. I collapsed in bed woefully early.

On Monday (despite thinking it was a Sunday) I headed down to Knutsford for lunch and an aborted attempt at walking in Taton park. It was nice to see Heidi with baby Neave who greeted me with a massive fart when I held her. Still like most baby's she is enduringly cute which made up for the ickness factor. Heidi seems to have the mothering bit well under control.

I was intending to be having lunch in Nottingham having lunch with Cheryl at this point today. The reason I'm not is mainly down to those parters in beer crime Mark and Lee. I headed out to Bar Fringe again last night as Mark introduced me to the world of foreign lagers. It was a very entertaining night and although I got to bed roughly on time I fear I may of slightly over indulged. At 10 o'clock this morning with hangover in full force I decided driving was off the cards for the time being. I shall head down later this afternoon - possibly this evening....