Loafing Up a Gear

Posted on Fri 23 December 2005 in general

I am now fully ensconced in the bosom of my family. This means my loafing has extended from a moderately active activity to a full passive mode where my parents feed me and provide seemingly limitless beer. Today?s main activity was having lunch at the local Chinese restaurant with an old friend of my parents followed by a long session of tea drinking while setting the world to rights. One thing I should mention about my parent?s house is the fantastic kitchen. The kitchen is quite large and also houses the dinning table. This means that breakfast, lunch, dinner and random tea breaks can all take place in a nice homely surrounding well away from the temptations of television. The end result is we have quite long conversations that aren?t merely distractions from the ad breaks. I?m guessing we got back from the restaurant around 1.30/2. We didn?t finish and say goodbye to our guest until around 6.30/7.

Eventually we did get to the ?traditional ? family around the television set-up and watched Heat and Dust from the Sunday paper freebie DVD?s. It was a very well presented vision of the British Raj in the early twenties although the plot itself was rather slow. Now that everyone has gone to bed I can start on the preparation of some of the Christmas presents.