Re-living the youth I never had

Posted on Sun 25 December 2005 in general

Last night I headed down to the Rose for the now seemingly traditional Christmas Eve drinks. The revelation that I have been drinking there for exactly half of my life so far was only slightly sobering. We then headed down to the old stomping ground of ?The Rec? to ?hang out? before returning to our beds.

Christmas day so far has consisted of the usual early drinking (Champagne) and canap?s and present guessing. I have now got a fantastic set of shiny kitchen knives together with instructions on how they should be cared for. My housemates can expect a full briefing before they are allowed to use them. I also have a decent size wooden cutting board to go with the knives. There is not much left to do now apart from attacking the gluttony inducing pile of Christmas meal before slumping in front of the TV in time for Doctor Who.

To all my friends wherever they may be I extend the finest compliments of the season and my best wishes for the new year.