Welcome to the final leg of the decade

Posted on Sun 01 January 2006 in general

Well 2006 is shaping up nicely so far on account of the zero hangover quotient. I split myself between 2 parties this year so I stayed sober while visiting Rich and Al's bash in Bolton. It was nice to catch up with people I haven't seen for a while (mainly as I haven't been LARPing during the winter). I also caught up again with Daz and Jules before they headed off for their flight back to the states this morning. I now have 2 places to crash at next time I go over, one east-coast and one west coast. I also met a very new people including the enigmatically named Wednesday who was vey nice. I felt a little guilty leaving for the next party but hopefully random pubbage on Monday should assuage the guilt.

I then headed over to Paul's in Swinton (Paul from work not Anne's Paul although they seem quite close to each other). Not quite as big a do but did meet some interesting French guys who informed me that torching cars on New Years Eve is a bit of a tradition in France. I also caught of with some of my work mates SO's which was all good interesting fun. I didn't drink as much as I had planned to but I had drunk enough that I couldn't drive so I crashed out on the Sofa student style. I'm rapidly coming to the conclusion that staying sober on New Years Eve is possibly the best plan as I like simple home comforts like a real bed without snoring background noise. It is a theory I may put into practice next time, after all the rest of Christmas certainly gives my liver enough of a work out. Of course if I host New Years in 2006 all bets are off.