My God its Full of Pixels

Posted on Fri 06 January 2006 in geek

I'm feeling a little guilty as I told Mufi last night that I'd be coming along to Yoga. I'd forgotten all about the delivery of my previously mentioned shiny toys.

Walking though Manchester city centre carrying two obviously valuable boxes of was only partially nerve wracking (given the blanket CCTV coverage). The walk from the Metro to my house was a little more worrying mainly compounded by the fact my hands were getting quite tired by that point. Still I made it home in one piece. So much for paranoia.

I now have both screens up and running in their full wide screen glory and have been experimenting with new setups for my desktop. One of the reasons I went for width over depth is I figured short of page layout most things that require more than 900 pixel will need to be scrolled anyway. With the extra width I can afford to be more creative with things like toolbars. For example the Workspace Switcher works a lot better stacked up on the side. I can actually move windows from workspace to workspace without having to be pixel accurate. The Window List can also usefully display a lot more window titles now it has more space to itself.

I've set aside the left hand screen for status like stuff so I can keep things like beepfind_remote and Gaim open and on all workspaces for easy checking. I'm going to have to keep an eye on how I move my head though. If it starts causing me grief I may have to engage in a more major re-engineering of my workspace.

The quality of the images is a lot better than the old CRT as well. Everything is very sharp and well defined. The video playback also benefits from the increased contrast, as well as the wide screen aspect ratio. In short the best ?350 pounds I've spent this year :-D