Posted on Sat 07 January 2006 by alex in general

Today I've not really done much but chill at home catching up on a little GTA will recovering from a little too much Speckled Hen last night. I finally completed "Just Business" the Terminator 2 inspired bike ride through the storm sewers of Los Stantos (loosely based on LA) and finally opened up San Fierro. I'm sure it doesn't take too much to guess which West Cost city that is based on. I've had a bit of a raz around the city, briefly marvelled at the Golden Gate bridge and discovered the Police are a lot more willing to shoot first and ask questions later. The streets are quite cool with the full chassis smashing inclines and tram tracks. I foresee some Bullitt inspired car chases over the next few weeks.

Rught, time to head over to Gillians for her birthday bash.