Restored Faith

Posted on Mon 09 January 2006 in general

I was listening to Front Row last week as they discussed the roll the 'net had played in promoting The Artic Monkeys. When they played their first London gig (selling out the Astoria no less!) their audience already knew the songs despite it being the first time they had seen the band. Not wanting to be left out of a potential "down with the kids" bandwagon (but without listening to Radio 1) I thought I should check them out. I took advantage of this "file-sharing" thing that people keep talking about to preview a couple of their tunes on they way into work this morning.

I have to say my faith in the music industry has been partially restored. The tunes are from the sort of solid indie guitar band I so miss from my student days. The lyrics are great witty and highly observational that are actually worth paying attention to. I liked every one of the 3 tracks I have downloaded so far. Their album 'Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not' is out at the end of the month and for ?8.99 I'd be silly not to have pre-ordered it this morning.