End of Week Wrap Up

Posted on Fri 13 January 2006 in general

The game of Squash last night went quite well and my body isn't protesting nearly as much as I thought it would. This is a good thing. The last time I played squash that I remember was when I was at Uni and my Dad was visiting. That time I was quickly reduced into a sweating semi-cardiac arrested pile in the corner as my father proved not only the experience counts for a lot but also he was a lot fitter than his 19 year old son. Yesterday was quite different - for one thing it was quite enjoyable. Although I still had to pause for breath after a few of the rallies I still managed to hold out (although eventually losing) to a respectable 10-8 score. We didn't get far into our second game before we ran out of time due to how long we had taken warming up and reminding me of the basics of the game. I think I shall play again, anyone up for a game?

When I got home I noticed my mutable CV had attracted yet another query. However when I first read the email title I was almost ready to dismiss it as spam. However on closer examination it was from who it said it was. Not bad for a CV that's over a year and a half out of date. Given what I know about the place I am sorely tempted, I mean how often do you get a chance to try for a job at somewhere even more geeky than my current employer?