Invitation to Tender

Posted on Tue 17 January 2006 in general

Well I had a think about the Potential New Company mentioned last week when I realised that I'm actually quite happy where I am*. I was very tempted but came to the realisation there is more to job satisfaction than chasing the latest shiny opportunity. Part of my rationalisation was there are still plenty of challenges and achievements to go at my current job and I don't like leaving things half way through. This is the second start-up I've been involved with and there is a certain excitement working in a company in that stage, something the PNC has already done. However I have updated my CV to reflect my current status and you know in a couple of years time if PNC is still looking they have but to ask :-)

*It should be noted its my one year anniversary today. Perhaps I should now start referring to my job as simply Work.