TV Night

Posted on Tue 24 January 2006 in general

Karen visited last night to catch up as we watched Life on Mars. I must say I've really warmed to the show and it is certainly developing nicely. It's still keeping me guessing as to exactly what is really going on but it keeps dropping clues along the way. That and the test card has never been so scary :-)

Monday seems to be shaping up as a good evenings worth of TV as [STRIKEOUT:So Graham Norton]The Bigger Picture with Graham Norton also proves to be quite entertaining and (dare I say it) topical to boot. Its followed by Film 2006 which is always worth a watch.

My only regret about last night is I didn't convince Anne to watch the whole of Mel Brooks' classic Blazing Saddles which she had never seen before. I guess seeing as it was going on until 1.05 she had a point about needing to get up in a few hours. I shall have to add the classic to the rental list.