Hail to the King

Posted on Sun 29 January 2006 in general

A year has passed since I first joined the Sealed Knot. Tempting as it was to just turn up to the banquet for the wine, women and song I thought I should also attend the battle. It was the second time that I've actually marched out into a battle and the last time was in August. Luckily the drill standards are nowhere near as tough as my old ATC days and the firing sequence came back quite quickly with repetition. I've still got to get my shotgun and powder licenses sorted out but I'm seriously tempted to spend the ?150 on getting the musket. The police will have to come around to the house and check where I'm going to store it. As it is a firearm I need to install a gun cabinet secured to a solid the wall. I find it hard to believe that anyone would blag a matchlock musket to rob a post office :-)