Le Weekend

Posted on Mon 06 February 2006 in general

I travelled down to the land of my forefathers (down south to you and me) to visit Jeff and Phil ahead of the upcoming delivery of Bub. It was good to catch up even though we didn't do much actual "stuff" except eating until bloated and working our way through a load of beer. Apparently there all sorts of things that bones and joints do in preparation for delivery that make me glad I'm a bloke.

We did travel out on Saturday to visit Jeff's boat but I was so weary of driving I actually let both Phil and Aidan drive my car. Phil had already instructed me on the dangers of back seat driving so I kept a dignified silence throughout most of the journey. Her reminding me of the fact she had totalled her previous two cars was less concerning than Aidan's gesticulations (and resultant one handed steering) between the lake and the pub. Still I improved the situation with the addition of profiteroles for dessert so it was all good :-)

On Sunday the drive back was uneventful save for the realisation that my car needed a really good clean once I got home. Jo came round to hang out and watch movies. We watched Sideways which was good if a little slow paced. Great if you like wine though. We also re-watched Late Night Shopping which is a nice little understated brit flick I can well recommend to anyone who wants to watch a good old fashioned character based rom-com.

This week is going to be a hard one at work. Were running up to a beta release on the 14th so I expect to be working late every night until then. But still there skiing round the corner from that so its not all bad :-)