Wendy and Steam

Posted on Sun 19 February 2006 in general

Last night was a trip to Wendyhouse. I had a much better night than last time mainly on account of not doing anything more strenuous than completing a few more GTA missions and getting a cheaper car insurance quote (I shall save the rant for the general idiocy of online insurance site web design for another day). We had a few first timers including TJ and (I think) Sam. It was cool catching up with James although I think we may of slightly over geeked out on the way there. The club itself was noticeable by a few absences but I was happy enough dancing for most of the night. Despite getting home by 4 o'clock I was still up by half nine this morning. I'm not sure why that happens.

I went to see Steamboy at the Cornerhouse with Aidan, Dave and Andy. I also bumped into Gav and Cal which was a nice surprise. Despite not being a big fan of anime I really enjoyed the film. It probably had me on side when the opening scenes in Manchester had recognisable (if slightly out of time) buildings in it. Patrick Stewart did a good job of voicing the insane northern grandfather and the action was generally over the top and enjoyable. We retired to the Rain Bar afterwards for a bit of a natter before Aidan gave me and Andy a lift home. The rest of the evening is now set aside for catching up with Lost and BSG.