Later than planned

Posted on Fri 24 February 2006 in general

I left work at 11 again today but I was substantially more successful in my bug squashing. We had an epiphany about what was on happening with the tests at about 6.30 and I stayed to hack something together to leave the guys to try out. Its always nice if you can make your problems go away by hacking code out. I also commented chunks of the code so it will be in a better state than when I got to it. I have no done as much as I can (although I may give the test results a quick peek in the morning as I update my car insurance.

I'm all packed now. I have a niggling feeling (as you always do) that I've forgotten to pack something. However I've booked my skis, sorted insurance, booked car park (praise the power of da interweb!) and found my passport. The rest is in the lap of the gods (and my credit card, just in case). See you in a week :-D