Disconnected Pain

Posted on Sun 26 February 2006 by alex in general

Gutted to see England lose last night to Scotland. It was a very close game but it was damn frustrating watching England crawl towards the line only to be denied at the last moment.

Anyway sporting fixtures aside today had been very good. Although my current communication difficulties meant I got seperated from the people I was sking with quite early on so I was on my own for most of the day. I?ve mainly been doing blue runs to ease myself in although I have done a couple of reds. The first time I did the red I mainly coped with the steepness of the slope by going straight down it. The second time gravity took care it despite my skis being above my head. I?m still thinking it might be worth joining a ski school for a few days but I remember most of what I should be doing, now its just a case of actually doing it. If I can keep in touch with the others tomorrow I may get ore practice. Anyway enough pontificating, time to celebrate Cat and Vic?s birthday. Catch you later ;-)