Posted on Tue 28 February 2006 in general

Woot! I?m connected. I was starting to get concerned not having the working lifeline of a mobile phone. Its enough to make you wonder what will happen when that big EMP pulse goes off.

Anyway today has been quite a hard cross country trek from our valley to the far left of the map in search of food for this evenings meal. None of the supermarkets around here seem to have considered the concept of fresh meat. I was mainly on red runs today although on the route back I switched to some long blues as I was getting quite tired. Also the wind has been a bit active today making everything a lot more icey. I know my technique is suffering from not being in a Ski-School although I keep trying to remember the basics. I?m still leaning back too much on my skis and basically getting away with it. Tomorrow I may put aside to proper practice to see if I can get it right.