70 Euros Well Spent

Posted on Wed 01 March 2006 in general

I spent 70 Euros for two hours with a private instructor today. It has made the world of difference. Before I knew roughly what I was doing wrong but to have a professional watch you do it and point out which technique crimes are currently the most prevenalent is very useful. I can now really feel when the turns are working well which is nice. I was still a little scrappy on the run home but now I have Tony?s voice as an internal monalogue telling me what I should be doing. He also confirmed that the "red" run I wiped out on on the first day was a black the previous year so I don?t feel it was such a setback. I?m feeling a lot more confident about exploring some of the less familiar runs tomorrow.

The weather over the last few days has been really nice during the day although a little windy at the peaks. However the runs are starting to show some wear and tear so I?m quite hoping the clouds that are currently working their way over the mountain will give us a nice dump of snow for the morning.