Advancing Years

Posted on Sat 11 March 2006 in general

Considering the road outside my house is a lot quieter on Saturdays compared to the rest of the week how come I'm always up by 9.30 despite my best attempts at having a lie in?

I've had my parents visiting for most of the week while my Mum as been doing some of her genealogy research. It turns out a lot of my relatives lived around this area so I may not be such a southern imposter after-all.

We did the usual visit to Rusholme which my parents seem to regard as a bit of a curry Mecca. I cooked for them twice including one Wednesday Mealtm where my friends appreciatively wolfed down my Mum's Tiramisu. I am assured it is easy to make so will probably have a go making it myself later. We also visited the Bridgewater Hall for a Halle concert including Beethoven's Pastoral Symphony. I think my Dad was suitably impressed with the acoustics of the place and I enjoyed the concert as well. If I wasn't so busy this weekend I'd be tempted to go along to Sunday's Sci-Fi special.

Work has been a little odd. After the hectic rush of the last few weeks before the holiday it seemed odd somehow to be heading home before 7. I'm sure it will all build up quickly enough as we now have to go from Beta to product and people always underestimate how long it takes to convert from quick hacks to nice well-engineered code. Still it should keep me in beer tokens for the rest of the year ;-) image0