Posted on Tue 28 March 2006 in general

I went to see Henry Rollins last night at the Academy. Not usually enamoured with titles such as "The Spoken Word" I wasn't sure what to expect although several people have recommended seeing the show. You can't really describe Rollins as a stand-up comedian, he is more of a raconteur telling stories of his various experiences. Although the topics varied from the surreal to serious he still kept the audience engaged. It was a slow build up but by the end of the 2 hours I had laughed heartily. He comes across very much as an American patriot and appealed to the audience not to judge the country too harshly based on its current incumbent leaders. His message was very much that it would get better in the next few years and although he was tempted by the idea of a "Black Lesbian" he was going to support the other women. Personally I think it will very interesting if America elects a female president, I guess we shall see in a few years time if thats a possibility.