Wedding Bells

Posted on Sun 02 April 2006 in general

Well not really. It was a very modern church and capped off with a pretty modern ceremony. A cover of Primal Scream's "Movin on Up" replaced one of the hymns and the priest gets points for mentioning sex three times, porn stars once and intimating that bestially was OK by God (that last one might be a bit of an extrapolation ;-).

A brief stop over at Nook and Michelle's for buffet goodness before I headed over to Marcus and Sue's to get changed for the evening session. The music was excellent and had me dancing for a large portion of the night reliving my student days. There was plenty of air guitar action and I practically shouted myself hoarse for "Livin' on a Prayer". There was even an "Old Dad" dancing competition which I declined to enter myself although Sam did a great job defending his title.

I eventually retired back and Marcus and Sue's only to be slightly disturbed the collection of large metallic bugs. Marcus continued to educate me in the appreciation of single malts before I collapsed for a long lie in.

I've put the pictures up here. I've tried to be merciless at culling out the chaff. I'm still trying to figure out how to make red-eye removal as painless as possible but I have learnt a new trick. I've renamed all the images that have been manipulated and of course if you want the original masters at full size give me shout.