(or weak geek) = t

Posted on Wed 05 April 2006 in geek

Last nights good intentions evaporated by 19.48 when the suggestion of visiting Sinclair's was suggested by my other late working college. I'd had my head buried in floating point stuff (like how do you make an add underflow?). Still the following pub conversation was suitably geeky and I expounded on my desire to give git a go on our source tree.

I'm working from home today as I have a window guy coming around to sort out a quote for double glazing and hopefully I'll get the new battery in the car during lunch. My home integration to the office is quite good now I have the duel screens. All sorts of magic is possible thanks to sshfs and creative emacsology. However I'm still not sure this is the best piece of lisp I've ever written:

;; set-transitive-compile-command
; (re-)sets the compile command using project root and other such
; magic. If I'm not at work then I send the compile command through
; ssh to my work machine (who wants to compile at home anyway ;-)

(defun set-transitive-compile-command ()
  "Set the compile command for dynamite"
  (when I-am-at-home
      (set 'compile-command
       (concat "ssh okra \"cd " current-project-root "/"
           current-project " && make \"")))
  (when I-am-at-work
    (set 'compile-command
      "cd " current-project-root "/" current-project " &&