Will someone rid me of this troublesome music player?

Posted on Fri 07 April 2006 in geek

At work I'm a little limited on which music players I can use (basically it has to be one that compiles with the system libs of SuSE 10.0). I also want a player that has Audioscrobbler support. This has meant running beep-media-player which was quite stable although know is going through the motions of crashing every 1-10 songs. Looking at the core dump is pretty shocking:

(gdb) frame 5
#5  0x40fcc92f in readComments (fp=0x848ac88) at vorbis.c:58
58                      *dp = '\0';
(gdb) l
53                      fread(cToInt, 1, 4, fp);
54                      fielddata->len = le2int(cToInt);
55                      data = malloc(fielddata->len);
56                      fread(data, 1, fielddata->len, fp);
57                      dp = strchr(data, '=');
58                      *dp = '\0';
59                      dp++;
60                      fielddata->name = malloc(strlen(data) + 1);
61                      fielddata->data = malloc(fielddata->len - strlen(data));
62                      *(fielddata->data + fielddata->len - strlen(data) - 1) = '\0';
(gdb) p dp
$1 = (unsigned char *) 0x0
There are quite a number of failure points in those 10 lines where no checking is done of the results. I would go to the latest code but it seems beep (which itself is a fork) has forked twice since. This doesn't give me a warm feeling. I'm considering Quod Libet as it might give me a chance to play with python. However I'll have to get a working set of python-gstreamer bindings on this machine somehow.